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US to discuss new Visa Policy with Nigeria

The US has expressed its willingness to discuss a new visa policy with Nigeria.

Addressing a conference in Abuja on Thursday, the Country Consular Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr Williams Laidlaw, said the US government will discuss with Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs with focus on extending the two year reciprocity agreement, where it provides two year visas with six months entry on arrival, to Nigerians.

He, however, said the new visa policy would be possible only after Nigerian Embassies abroad and the Nigerian immigration officials consistently give Americans two-year visas with six months entry on arrival.

For some Nigerians, getting an American visa can be a nerve-racking experience.

Almost on a daily basis many Nigerians, who apply for US visas in the country, are denied visas.

But getting a US visa, need not be a dreaded activity.

According to officials of the US Embassy, while some Nigerians are denied visas, many are successful in getting visas.

The US Embassy processes 400 visas per working day in Abuja and 900 visas in Lagos.

This is aside the 100 visa applications by those who apply by drop-box per day.

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