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Visiting Australia

When you are planning to visit Australia, there are important things you should know such as what visas to apply for and requirements for the visa application, your obligations while in Australia and information about complying with the conditions of your visa.

You will also need to know what you can and cannot bring into Australia, knowing the duty-free concession limits and what to experience when travelling through Australian airports and seaports.

There are important things you should know before applying for, or being granted, an Australian visa.
This includes information about:

  • applying for the right type of visa
  • application requirements
  • your obligations while in Australia
  • the importance of complying with visa conditions.


Visas available for visiting Australia

You might travel to Australia for reasons such as holidays, sightseeing, social or recreational reasons, to visit relatives, friends, to be a business visitor or for other short-term non-work things like medical treatment or medical consultations. Or you might just be passing through on your way to somewhere else. Whether you are visiting for less than 72 hours or planning on a stay of several years you must have a valid Australian visa.

There are various types of visas available for visiting Australia. The type of visa that you may be able to get depends on a number of factors such as, the length of your stay, your passport, your current location and the purpose of your visit.

You can apply online for the following visitor visas if you are outside Australia and you hold a passport from an eligible country.


Visitor visa (subclass 600)
This visa lets you visit Australia:

  • to visit or for business visitor purposes for up to three, six or 12 months.

The base application charge for this visa ranges from AUD135 to AUD340.

You might be able to get this visa if you are travelling to Australia:

  • as a visitor
  • for business visitor activities
  • to visit family
  • on a tour with a registered travel agent from the People’s Republic of China.

If you are in Australia you can apply for the Tourist stream of the Visitor visa online provided you currently have a valid visa that does not have condition 8503 imposed.

If you are outside Australia only certain passport holders can apply for this visa online (HERE).

If you cannot apply online, you can lodge a paper application.

Medical Treatment visa (subclass 602)
This visa allows people to travel to Australia:

  • for medical treatment or consultations
  • to support someone needing medical treatment who holds or has applied for this visa
  • to donate an organ.​

You might be able to get this visa to:

  • have medical treatment in Australia
  • donate an organ
  • support the person needing medical treatment. This person must hold or is applying for this visa.

You can also apply for this visa if you are in Australia, have turned 50 years of age, and have been refused a permanent visa only on the grounds of health.

Special Program Visa (Subclass 416)
This visa aims to enhance international relations and cultural exchange by allowing persons to share cultural, social experiences, knowledge and skills in the Australian community through participation in a:

  • cultural enrichment or community benefits programme
  • youth exchange programme
  • school language assistant programme, or
  • school to school interchange programme.

In addition to the above programmes, the Special Program visa (subclass 416) has another programme called the Seasonal Worker Programme.

You can apply for this visa if you have been invited by an approved Special Programme sponsor to participate in an approved programme.

Transit Visa (Subclass 771) 

This visa is for people who are making a short stop-over in Australia while traveling to another country or passing through Australia to join a ship as crew.

A transit visa is required even if you remain in the transit lounge and do not leave the airport or fly out on the same aircraft on which you arrived. The visa is valid for up to 72 hours.


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