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UK Student Visa (Tier 4) - Register of licensed Tier 4 Sponsors

For a UK education provider to teach international students, it must apply for a Tier 4 sponsor licence. If approved, the education provider will be given a licence and added to UK Border Agency's register of Tier 4 sponsors.

As a Tier 4 sponsor, your education provider must comply with a number of duties while you are in the UK.

Only a Tier 4 sponsor can assign Confirmations of Acceptance for Studies (CASs) to international students. To score enough points to become a Tier 4 student, you will need a CAS, so you must check that the provider of your chosen course is a licensed Tier 4 sponsor.

Check the list of licensed Tier 4 Sponsors ---> HERE

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  1. I think this is the great opportunity for the UK students who can must apply and check their level, he/she is able then they will be given license from the academic board so they can teach internal students easily. Most students complete their graduation and take life experience degree accredited even then they have tension to get a better job so here UK’s students have a great facility to achieve a best and teaching is the best professional and most of the institute prefer to higher experience teacher who has knowledge to teach the students.


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